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wellness area

infrared sauna, massage chair

Looking for a real moment of relaxation after a day of sports? 

Our establishment offers you a Wellness Area, come and enjoy a cocooning atmosphere, a high-end MEDIFORM massage chair and a lounge area.

 Massage Chair                                                                                                                               Infrared Sauna

(14 massage variants to choose from)                                                   

15 min >> 8€                                                                                                                                      15 min >> 6€

30 min >> 13€                                                                                                                                    30 min >> 10€

                                                                                                                                                              1 H >>    18€       

Enjoy our large lounge, or come and share a friendly moment around a game of pool or another board game in our small lounge, which also has a TV and a library. And in summer the terrace awaits you... with its bowling alley.

Les hautes Alpes, Venez y découvrir les nombreuses activités d'hier

Winter activities;

Aquatic centres, motorsports, flying yesterday, ice waterfall, ice rinks, Nordic skiing, sled dogs, cinema, skowkite, ski joering, snowshoeing, play areas and toboggan runs, mountain biking and fatbike, relaxation area, skiing, hiking.

Torchlight descent, children's shows, markets... there will be something for everyone. Find all the entertainment of the resorts of Ancelle, Chaillol, Laye, Saint-Léger-les-Mélèzes, Orcières-Merlette, and all the villages of Champsaur Valgaudemar.

Activities in the summer;

Trail, swimming, white water, canyoning, paragliding and hot air ballooning, mountaineering, family activity, climbing and via ferrata, fishing, eco-museums and park houses, markets, entertainment and events, addictive routes, horse back or ane ride, randoning, bike pass or motorcycles ...

Children's shows, music festival, markets... there will be something for everyone. Find all the animations of Champsaur Valgaudemar in the villages of Ancelle, Chaillol, Laye, St Bonnet en Champsaur, Pont-du-Fossé, St Léger les Lélèzes, Orcières Merlette...

Parc national des Écrins is one of the ten French National Parks, between Gap, Grenoble and Briançon, Parc national des Écrins is delimited by the watersheds of the Romanche to the north, the Guisane and the Durance to the east and south, the Drac to the west, and is a high mountain territory whose chain of main peaks structures the entire massif according to a complex architecture that culminates at 4102 metres (m) at Barre des Écrins. In total, more than 150 peaks exceed 3000 m for valley bottoms around 1000 m. The heart of the Park is only accessible by foot. A network of trails (more than 700 km) is regularly maintained to meet the expectations of professionals (shepherds, guides, refuge guards,...) and the public (walkers, hikers, mountaineers,...) High mountain guides can help you enter the world of glaciers and high peaks. As for the mountain guides, they will help you discover the Park through various themes, and a welcome and guided outings program is available in the Maisons du Parc as well as all the information you need to discover this prestigious territory. The observation of the fauna without disturbing, the contemplation of the sites, the floristic walks will be all the more enriching as they will have been prepared (sketchbook, binoculars,...)... In nature, we are always at someone's home. In the Scriptures, human presence is most often discreet and gives the natural elements, the sites their scale and their wilderness character. The territory is organized around a network of high central peaks that have built its history and prestige. The great glacial devices have dug deep valleys in this powerful crystalline massif, the only access to this high mountain territory. Cols and landscapes, the interplay of slope exposures determine the distribution of species, the circulation of wildlife as well as human settlements and the agro-pastoral and tourist activities of mountain society. Each "entry" into the Scriptures is a journey through constructed, agricultural, forest, pastoral and agricultural landscapes to the wild spaces of the high mountains. Each valley is a country, a unique cultural and human geographical entity. The only mention of their name: Vallouise, Embrunais, Champsaur, Valgaudemar, Valbonnais, Oisans, Haut-Briançonnais gives rise to characteristic landscape atmospheres that the Écrins massif brilliantly brings together 

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Visit their site to discover all the activities offered in both summer and winter.

Pensez à demander votre carte de fidélité Logis, et échanger vos points en chèque de réduction

We have at our disposal a closed garage that we put at your disposal. You can eat on the spot, no need to go out again.
If you have unfortunately taken the rain, our boiler room allows you to dry your clothes for the next morning.

Olivier Bonelli, high mountain guide, invites you to discover our mountains and valleys, which are still authentic and preserved.

In all seasons, on foot, on snowshoes, the champsaur and the Valgaudemar offer different and varied landscapes. 

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